Objective of the project

The QEoL (Quality of Life at the End of Life) project addresses the needs of people in the very last stage of their life and explores solutions to meet those needs with smart and assistive technology on We+Care, the Swiss care coordination platform. QEoL is enabling people to express their thoughts, wishes and needs at the extent their capabilities allow, by offering them new ways of interactive communication. By the use of alternative and enhancing technologies the project’s aim is to fulfil last wishes in virtual reality. 

Project Overview

QEoL complements the Swiss Carers Association ecosystem consisting of social workers, medical care nurses, respite service providers, experience designers, startup technologies and systems integrators. By the use of smart and assistive technologies the project improves the quality of life and care through shared virtual experiences for palliative care recipients and their family caregivers. Integrating the QEoL solution in We+Care, the Swiss care coordination pilot fosters collaboration between family caregivers and professional care teams. The main objective is to redefine the care experience in the last months of one’s life, understand and cater for their needs and lighten the burden for care recipients, caregivers, palliative care providers, hospices and public health. By introducing AR/VR to people in the last phase of their life, the project is changing the narrative of the tabooed end of life care.

Expected results and impact

The participatory design approach is expected to identify needs that are not yet known within the space of care at the end of life. The project aims to improve the coordination of care to make better use of all available human resources; strengthen the communication and networking to improve collaboration; design new virtual worlds for stronger affective connections between care recipients, family and friends. Public dissemination of research and best practices will promote needs-oriented and holistic palliative care. 


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